SPV incomming peer connections [bitcore-p2p]

If I understand the source code correctly, the Pool Class provides the functionality to listen to incomming peer connections and add these as connected peers: here on github.

A couple of thoughts come to my mind about this:

  1. How could my IP be discovered by others on the p2p network, other than the bootstrap DNS record?
  2. Would it be even necessary for a SPV client to offer the listen operation, what information could be served?
  3. bitcore is not a full bitcoin reimplementation and as such could not be used as a full node, so what purpose is the listen method serving after all inside the Pool class?

I hope somebody could shade some light on this, thx…

  1. There is a message type for announcing known peers in the network: https://en.bitcoin.it/wiki/Protocol_documentation#addr
  2. Probably not likely since there isn’t much information that could be served
  3. Bitcore P2P can be used to implement any type of bitcoin-like p2p network, and hence why there is listen functionality, as well as the ability to add customized messages.

Thank you, for your answer!