Submit bitcore.transaction() Object to the Bitcoin network - How to?

If I have a Bitcore transaction:

 var simpleTx = new bitcore.Transaction();
   , amount);

var txSerialized = simpleTx.toObject();

How do I broadcast it to the Bitcoin network ?

After Googling, I found this, but it didn’t work.

var insight = new Insight();
insight.broadcast(txSerialized, function(err, returnedTxId) {
  if (err) {
    // Handle errors...
  } else {
    // Mark the transaction as broadcasted

I just want to create a transaction and send it. It shouldn’t be that complicated. The library should make it simple.

How do I submit a transaction ? What’s the easiest way ?

The serialized transaction should be:

var txSerialized = simpleTx.serialize();

More info: