Test-insight.bitpay.com fails on broadcast raw transaction

(Eugene Krevenets) #1

hi guys!
I’m trying to test push of raw test transaction for whole day but gets error:

data: 'B: insufficient priority',
status: 503,
statusText: 'Service Unavailable'

and other times:

data: 'Missing inputs',
status: 503,
statusText: 'Service Unavailable'

use https://test-insight.bitpay.com/tx/send for that.
Is everything ok?

(Braydon Fuller) #2

Looks like there is an issue with there not being enough of a fee (priority) on the transaction, and trying to spend utxos that have not been confirmed or not in the mempool.

(Eugene Krevenets) #3

Braydon, Thanks for replay! I’m getting transaction hex from transaction that comes from TestNet of BlockTrail here is source code https://github.com/common-blockchain/cb-tester/blob/master/utils.js#L14. Amount is 1e4 satoshi. Isn’t it enough for TestNet?

(Braydon Fuller) #4

You can check with the endpoint: https://test-insight.bitpay.com/api/utils/estimatefee?nbBlocks=2 (note: results are unfortunately in bitcoin instead of satoshis).

(Braydon Fuller) #5

The min relay fee however should be below that value, not sure if that is available to view though.

(Eugene Krevenets) #6

Ok I’ve got


so As I understand 1e5 satoshis should be fine. But I’m still getting same error:

B: insufficient priority

for 1e5 satoshi (or 0.001 bitcoins).
Sadly I can’t get more than 1e4 satoshi from https://api.blocktrail.com/v1/tBTC/faucet/withdrawl to collect at least 1 test bitcoin. Does bitcore.io have API endpoint to withdrawl test coins?