Useful info to add to Bitcore API

Continuing the discussion from Does Mnemonic implement BIP39?:

@dskloet and I were talking through verifying public/private keys generated from Mnemonic seeds using the BIP 32 + BIP 39 + BIP 44 standards, and had some thoughts about how to improve the the documentation.

Here were our conclusions:

  • For the Mnemonic documentation, reference is made to BIP 39 on the “guide/docs” page but not on the “API” page. If you are only looking at the API documentation, it is not clear that Mnemonic follows BIP 39
  • It would be nice to show an example of deriving BIP44-adherent wallets. Perhaps on the Mnemonic “guide/docs” page, there could be an example of how to go from Mnemonic seed all the way to external address, with a like to BIP44 that allows folks to more easily find documentation of the standard. (EDIT: I wrote an example in the linked thread that could be used if this seems like a good idea.)
  • I also personally find it a little bit confusing or maybe redundant that there are two separate info pages: “api” and “guide”. I understand the reasoning behind each, but it seems that they say a lot of the same things.

I know that is on Github. Are members of the public allowed to make pull requests if we write up something that we think would be useful?

In addition to BIP44 examples I think it would even be useful to provide methods and/or a class that make it easy to create BIP44 derived accounts and keys.

Yes, you can absolutely submit your own PR’s to any of our projects on GitHub!

Of course, all of our open source projects are open to contributions! :smile:

@mike you have good ideas, I’ll be happy to help you contribute to our projects if you don’t know the details of creating pull requests and such. Start with this guide:

Thanks. I’ll see how I can help.

BTW, I’m “micro-machine” on github. I’ve made a couple minute pull requests already, but all on small documentation things.

Ah, I see, I remember your contributions. Thanks for those, and keep them coming, however small :slight_smile: