What is the difference between Bitcore (and bitcored) and bitcore-node?

Bitcore is a “full-stack” development platform, so I would assume that it is just a bundled bitcore-node + insight UI, and some other services?

Or is it the other way around? Sorry for the noob question, the webside doesn’t really make it clear what the differences are, (and if I were to install one, which services would I additionally have to install to make one the same as the other etc.)

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looks like bitcoin core is running in the background on my computer (shows up as “bitcoind” in the processes)

also on bitnodes my node shows up as : “/Satoshi:0.12.1(bitcore)/”

I hope they upgrade to segwit so we can signal for it with bitcore nodes.

Bitcore makes use of bitcoind as the default bitcoin client
and adds features (insight, libraries, services, etc…) for interacting with it (consulting/creating transactions, multi-sig wallets, etc…).

In other words, Bitcore is a development platform built on top of Bitcoin Core.
Here you may find more info:

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Ah I see. So bitcore-node I could presumably swap out bitcoind for say, another client like btcd or libbitcoin?

I was confused because the installation instructions for both seem to install bitcoind in the backend. If bitcore-node is just a wrapper for -any- node for the purposes for being started and managed as a node app that makes sense.

I’m also presuming that bitcore’s bitcoind can be swapped out for another client forked from the same repo, like BitcoinUnlimited or Classic?


Theoretically yes.
For what I understand, Bitcore uses bitcoind through RPC. In particular it uses the module bitcoind-rpc. You can find it here: https://github.com/bitpay/bitcoind-rpc

As such, I think you could replace it with a different client which provide a similar RPC server.
However, I’m a little bit doubtful about how feasible it would be to replace bitcoind.
My idea is that Bitcore sources make use of many bitcoind data.
You can verify it by searching “bitcoind” in the bitcore-node repository.

In conclusion, I believe that it would be possible to do what you want but it would require a notable effort;
hence it may be not be worth doing it.
However, if the client is a fork a Bitcoin Core maybe you have a chance!
First you should check if all the data used from the bitcoind folder in the Bitcore sources are still present in the fork client. If so, I would make a try


As far as I understand you can’t just switch to a bitcoind other than the bit core fork, if you want to use all functionality of Bitcore because not all the indexes used in Bitcore node are available in the original bitcoind version, like address indexes and the likes are custom added in the Bitcore fork.

If you only use the functionality available in the original bitcoind there won’t be any problem exchanging them afaik.